Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sanga Sathiya Petition

In the first paragraph, The Vallalar is praising the Lord (or) just prefacing the petition for HIS kind submission. So started by telling the popular wisdom based names of the GOD one by one like saying "alias of" and finally telling that I am submitting this petition. So this is in the first paragraph. And the rest of the paragraphs are the body of the petition.

(Paragraph formats are the same as the original version except the first paragraph for readability and can be merged as a para)

(translated line by line)

Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sanga Sathiya Petition1

wu-thi-ra-yana-sidhi-puram2 alias of and,

wu-thi-ra-yana-chidam-param3 alias of and

by the thiru-arul4 the names that are sounded as things-can-do special names of and,

paar-vathi-puram5 alias vadalur6 of and,

the names that were given as nick names to refer to of,

having those names pronounced as starring god-pathi7 in that,

the natural-revealing of fullness is a pure siva-anu-bava8 yana-sabai9 in that wearing the natural-truth filled god-form,

the natural-bliss filled siva-ananda10 oness holy dance performing just for all the life-forces to get the joy showered,

everything-can-do-unqiue-head of the god Arutperun Jothi, Oh The God! Oh the Highness to YOUR holy community, I am submitting my Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sanga Sathiya Petition.

In this world, six-sensed superlative body that I got of I am, for this body often and often is suffered by such as "deathness", "disease", "aging", "fear" and "the pain" and to cure all of these sufferings, make this body itself to become a nid-thiya11 body so that in which-ever-times, in whatever-places, in any-manner and in any-way without any obstacles I should be able to live by getting the blissful sidhi-great-life is what the true, strong and huge effort of my desire.

In this effort of my desire like, all the sufferings be cured and making this body itself a nid-thiya11 body so that for-ever-undestroyable blissful great-sidhi-life could be attained and what way it could be possible like when I started thinking about that time, no other way one should be getting this and all-can-do-god's-freedom is the only one way one could acheive this and I came to know as it was announced by the thiru-arul4.

After that, what way we could get God's-freedom like when I started thinking that time, " MINE and I " of body-freedom12, boga-freedom13, and jeeva-freedom14 and all these three things should be eliminated in that time only you get that and I came to know as it was announced by the Highness thiru-arul4.

Hence, holdings that are being my freedoms such as body-freedom, boga-freedom and jeeva-freedom and all surrendered to the Highness thiru-arul as HIS FULL-FREEDOM. Given up that time, "this body, the jeevan and boga-things and all are only given by the FULL-FREEDOMED-GOD of great mercy and other than that it is not of our freedom that we hold" so this truth I came to know as it was revealed by the thiru-arul4. Here in after, from this body and from this jeevan and from this boga-things, by the evidence of thiru-arul, none of these freedoms would be appeared as my freedoms. The Highness put forth the thiru-arul-freedom to me and blessed, to cure the sufferings of these "deathness", "disease", "aging", "fear" and "the pain", and making this body itself a nid-thiya11 body and I should be able to live for-ever-undestroyable and for-ever-blissful great-sidhi-life.

Likewise, all the life-forces who got this body should also be revealed the way as it was revealed to me and also make them a privileged people to get this and should be able to live like me.

(Theva-reer!) Your Highness, for YOUR great-graceful rule, welcome, welcome!


Chidamparam Ramalingam


1. Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sanga Sathiya :-

Samarasa : everything/everyone/every-lifes are equal. every-life-forces is more appropriate here.

Sutha : pureness

Sanmarga : margam or path of godlyness

Sanga : association or center or junction ; you can say as sangam as a noun

sathiyam - truth

2. wu-thi-ra-yana-sidhi-puram :

(a) wu-thi-ra means where 'nathem' is situated at this place of our head/siram. 'nathem' is para-aanma/para-soul (OR)

(b) another meaning for wu-thi-ram is northen side. So place situtated in northern side where the wisdom(yana) sabai(temple) is located or the place of the ig-yana sabai

3. wu-thi-ra-yana-chidam-param : same as the meaning of wu-thi-ra-yana-sidhi-puram

4. thiru-arul : god-bless

5. paar-vathi-puram : place in which god bless as mother (thiru-chit-rambalam)

6. vadalur : is a place name where Vallalar founded Gyana Sabai / temple of consciousness; vada+lur : vada means north and "lur" means place itself or consider the ending sound like go+er = goer.

7.pathi : superior prime-state. the indepth meaning of this word is "thing that does NOT have any malams like anava, maya, maha-maya etc.,"

8.siva-anu-bava : experiance of godlyness

9.yana-sabai : should be pronounced as ig-yana-sabai means temple of consciousness

10.siva-ananda : bliss of open-space or bliss of the sky.

11.nid-thiya : for-ever-undestroyable, for-ever-permanent

12.body-freedom : sense of freedom that It is my body , It is mine,

13. boga-freedom :¦nbsp; pronounced like bow-ga-freedom ;¦nbsp; freedom of enjoying the all earthly things,

14. jeeva-freedom : freedom of the soul;

(Translated by Sargurubathem, 2006)

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