Mission and Vision


  1. VallalarOrg Foundation has been formed to be performed and benefited above and without any of the barriers of all religions, all religious philosophies, all castes, all colors, all languages, all nationalities, all creeds, all sects and all political parties and any other disparities or differences pertaining to the stages and status of life but with the Universal, Public and general welfare or utility and benefit based on the SOULS INHERNET RIGHT OF COMPASSIONATE LOVE AND UNITY WITH OTHER SOULS.
  2. To reveal and propagate the very important principles such as "UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD" ONLY THE UNIVERSAL LOVE is the true nature of the Self Existent Almighty, UNIVERSAL PEACE AND HARMONEY etc., to the People of the whole world and try to train them to put them into practice.
  3. To try in all means to feed through Information Technology all categories of VALLALAR'S THIRU ARUTPAA in Major languages of the World, so as to propagate them to all nationalities of the world.
  4. To bring out the complete works of VALLALAR'S THIRUARUTPAA in bright publications and also publish small booklets and pamphlets of THIRU ARUTPAA for free and easy distribution
  5. To bring out the AUDIO-CD and/or whatever form of VALLALAR'S THIRU ARUTPAA songs for the public utility and availability.
  6. To try in all means to bring out the biography of VALLALAR in various presentations such as Pictorial, Photographical and Graphical presentations etc
  7. To bring out the syllabus for the Education and Training of the Science of DEATHLESSNESS.
  8. To lead the SUDDHA SANMAARGA PATH OF LIFE, to prepare the codes and conducts of True Discipline in daily life
  9. To compile VALLALAR'S SUDDHA SANMAARGA DICTIONARIES to give clear meanings of unknown words, as to help the learners of THIRUARUTPAA
  10. To collect the common adages or proverbs, maxims and axioms pertaining to the precept of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD and train the public to put into practice, the same golden words
  11. To prepare narratives, pictorial portraitures, chronicles, epic stories so as to make the young children understand the precepts and principles of SUDDHA SANMAARGAM OF VALLALAR
  12. To bring out the audio-cassettes of THIRU ARUTPAA SONGS both in Tamil and English so as to be pleasingly heard and mediated by the aspirants
  13. To try in all means, to bring out the expositions of rare words and meanings to be understood by the learners of THIRU ARUPTAA LEXICONS in all walks of life
  14. To bring out new publications of already published, but out of stock volumes of complete editions of THIRU ARUTPAA SONGS and their expositions and other related books in this subject
  15. As per and according to VALLALAR'S INTENTIONS AND FUTURE PLAN to make foundations for the running of
    1. UPAKAARA SAALAI (Helping Centers)
    2. SHAASTHRA SAALAI (Scriptural Centers)
    3. VIVAKAARA SAALAI (Discussing Forums)
    4. VAIDHYA SAALAI (Herb Medical and Healing Clinics)
    5. VIRUDDHI SAALAI (Development and Production Centers)
    6. UPAASANA SAALAI (Worshipping and Observance Centers)
    7. YOGA SAALAI (Meditation and Penance Centers)
    8. SAMARASA VEDHA PAADA SAALAI (Study Centers for Principles of THIRU ARUTPAA etc
  16. To run LANGUAGE TEACHING CENTRES for learning Tamil, Sanskrit and English etc to explain the Aims and Goals of the UNIVERSAL INTEGRAL RIGHT OF THE ONENESS OF ALL LIVING BEINGS WITH SOULFUL COMPASSION


  1. To help and guide with literary and other revelatory materials, for those who do research work in the literary and philosophical aspects aiming at UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD and SOULFUL COMPASSION AS PER VALLALAR'S WORKS
  2. To make arrangements to put into practice the Twin Sadhana practices of SUDDHA SANMAARKAM and the VALLALARS – DEATHLESS SCIENCE such as PAROPAKAARAM (Compassionate Service) and SATHVICHAARAM (Self inquiry of Micro & Macro Cosmos, ANDA – PINDAM)



1.      To build Homes for Aged and Sick Persons and also ASYLUM for destitute children so as to give them free education with free food, residence and medical care etc

2.      In order to Rehabilitate the physically handicapped persons help them in all possible ways and means so as to uplift them in all walks of life

3.      To put into performance, the environmental protection without ecological pollution through Afforesting, Primary Literacy and Education Programmes for the Public benefit and Hygiene.

4.      To begin training schools, study centers and advanced learner's college to emphasize the principles of VALLALAR'S UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AND COMPASSION


6.      To emphasize the Naturopathic way of Life which is seen favorable for the DEALTHLESS TRANSFORMATION OF THE HUMAN BODY and preach the Pure Vegetarianism and Consuming Naturally available Herbs and Cereals and also fruits etc

7.      To make arrangements for the employment of the poor and destitute people, open Training Centers for self employed schemes.

8.      In order to establish global peace and Universal Integration making arrangements for Training Camps – preparing for publishing in many languages, the periodicals on this subject, to open libraries, to run schools for moral education emphasizing on spiritual discipline.

9.      To disseminate, scientific and technological methodologies in printing form through opening of Computer Offset Printing Press

10.  To give free and nutritious food for the destitute and poor sick and the aged as well as free clothing and shelter etc, to protect them through compassionate service which is the real Divine Worship.

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